“I was fresh out of high school and my father told me to get a job.  I had a few friends who worked at Luna at that time and they were able to get me a job as a dishwasher. From then on, I grew to love the culinary environment and the rush that drives the kitchen territory. You could truly say I started from the bottom, which is another reason to be grateful I’m now here! I’m not sure on the exact time frame but I think I’m nearing my fourth year at Clover. Chef Cody Geurin along with Old Chef Travis Dickinson, molded me into the cook I am today. Geurin has faith in me, even when I don’t have it in myself, and he always keeps me level-headed with focus in the right direction. Dickinson helped hone my skills that I have developed over the years, while also teaching me new techniques and skill sets. Without these two, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. They continue to make work a great environment to be in and always keep me hungry to better myself. I would like to see Clover at the very top of everything in the industry. I have worked in four restaurants in a decade time frame and Clover has by far blown all of them out of the water in every aspect of what we represent here. I have learned so much here; as a result, I see myself, along with Clover, continuing to grow and succeed for many years to come.  

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family. I have a son, Kemper who is 5, and a daughter, Raelynn who is 3, and they mean the absolute world to me. I have a wonderful girlfriend, Amber, and she has a 10-year-old son, Talyn. Our little family means so much to me. I also enjoy Sunday dinners with the whole family. I have two sisters who I’m very close with, also a niece and nephew who I· adore. In the nicer weather months, I enjoy playing golf and playing basketball to get ready for Hoopfest! I also enjoy summer time, to relax and go to the lake with my Dad – cruising around on his boat. Going to the park with the kiddos and letting them go crazy. I enjoy BBQing and sitting out on my patio with my closest people – just loving life. Over the last few years I’ve also found a new love for fitness after watching my sister absolutely kill her goals and watching her shrink into a whole new person. She got me on board and I’ve enjoyed this journey of becoming a healthier stronger version of myself. ” – Kory Schimanski