Tuesday, April 3rd  

Foundations Meeting & a Spring Menu Launch Focus 
with Owner Scott McCandless 

Foundations. Sometimes even though the framework is there maybe the tones of voices heard within the walls lack recognition of what exactly was built and why.

We are closing our doors for this special occasion. Hopefully the soon to follow launch of spring’s menu will bring many fresh faces to our tables to share our new experience with. We have the best culinary team we could ask for and we are excited to continue our journey in an industry which has openly accepted us with honors. Every person who enters the front door of our house deserves to know that they are the reason this house stands and the service they receive will always show as a reflection of that fact. Every single dish on the menu is executed with the utmost precision, care and love.  All service staff can and will carry the voice and walk the talk which is priceless in this industry. There truly is magic in Clover’s people.   

Thank you for your kind understanding. We are all integral members of the Clover Family.   

Easter is Sunday!!

Have you made reservations with us?

Clover is happy to serve exceptional brunch options for you and your loved ones this Easter.

We are honored to be the desired destination for many on this special holiday. Being in the heart of the Gonzaga Food District benefits us as we can witness the community come alive.  Enjoy our delicious and house-crafted drinks and the dance of sun beams from the windows of our cozy little house. Watch passing clouds beckon us to get outside due to the coming of warmer weather and amazing spring color.  If Easter doesn’t find you celebrating with us, do not worry, especially since we have plenty of spring days to spend with you. Come see us and enjoy a cocktail, or glass of wine. Relax and enjoy April as the events sprinkle in, along with whispered promises of helping our gardens grow.

Restaurant Week is here!
Over 100 restaurants all around Spokane region are offering up their amazing food at fixed prices.
This event has one goal in mind – to delight everyone with what can only be described as extraordinary!
What better way to get into the spirit of the culinary explorer than to spend a few nights out during this magical time.
Click here to see how it works.

The Inlander partners with Second Harvest to make sure EVERYONE EATS. There’s a true note of altruism! This culinary event offers our community the opportunity to practice an interest in the well-being of others. This is too easy – spend just a little bit of your time posting a review on Facebook, Twitter, Or Instagram with the hashtag #IRWRaveReviews! There will be a donation made on your behalf thanks to the SYSCO Chefs Against Hunger! Please, make time to get out with someone during this event.
What a great thing, to be able to do good and eat well!

–>Our Menu

See you out there, Spokane!!

$31 per person, gratuity not included