What an incredible summer season we have had here at Clover. We started the year off with a revamp of our team, and a delicious spring/summer menu. We kicked into spring fever with work on our patio: and, a special thanks to one of our veteran staff, Cindy and her husband. The attention to detail and time these two gave made our patio come to life with bright greens and wonderful sprouts of color all season long. The rest of the work done by our staff and maintenance team this year has been enriching the atmosphere of Clover, from the floors to the ceilings and everywhere in between.


Ron Green Music and Liberty Lake Wine Cellars

May had the tasteful wines of Liberty Lake Wine Cellars coupled with the soothing sounds from Ron Greene.


We started June with Elysian Brewing Co. and Chef throwing a beautiful outdoor pairing dinner on the patio . Our owner, Scott McCandless hosted an evening of everything BBQ at his corporate office, sharing his passion for smoking, rubbing, shmearing, brining and several other favorite meat-preparation techniques.


The Best Crew

Meanwhile, the skillful kitchen crew worked hard all season to bring you specials, and spent countless hours every weekend bringing Spokane some divine brunch dishes! Adriana Janovich, a wonderful food writer for the Spokesman Review, kept us fresh with her galleries and well-written articles. We appreciate every tiny bit of attention and are honored to be mentioned.


Maryhill Wines, check out their tasting room in Kendall Yards

July brought us more impressive weather and news! A year after opening their tasting room in Kendall yards, Maryhill winery, our beloved winemaker family whom provides us our house red and white, won the winemaker of the year award at Indy International. 

We had our 4th annual Crab Boil!! We featured Georgetown Brewing and kept all the flavors as PNW as we do our menus. It was an honor and we thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Speaking of PNW, the hot July weather finally allowed us to play a little in our bar with some ice-cold hard-ciders and other local craft beers that typically show up during the warmer months. It made for a good time. Also, you have to make it in to try our Barrel Aged Viex Carre created in house by our bartender Andrew Renninger, if you haven’t already. August kicked off with international beer day…and yes, we celebrated. Join us next August 3rd. We had more heat filled evenings on our patio, and wonderful brunch crowds that tolerated all the warmth of the climate as well as our crafted drinks.

September arrived!!! We spent a beautiful night out at Big Barn Brewing Company’s amazing piece of heaven, and were spoiled with a full red-orange sunset as well as their masterful taps and our Chef’s impeccably paired dishes.

One of the season favorites of Chef’s recipes was his awesome, warm, pita-wrapped Mediterranean Chicken. YUM.

We encouraged anyone who finished pigging out at the park to continue eating their way through Spokane and stopping to see us for one of these. Also mention-worthy is Chef’s Lamb Ravioli…a real treat…balanced, warm, comforting, and absolutely delicious. The bowl was often licked clean. Throughout the season we were enlightened with Scott McCandless’s factoids, and got to enjoy some more of them on our conversation cards that adorn each of our tables in house. Mr. McCandless also held a few other classes (check our events page to sign up for the next one), and spent many hours in research and development playing around with ideas for the next menu change.


Alas, the season is changing and as Gonzaga‘s students trickle in so do the leaves find themselves turned red and falling to the ground. The changeover for the coming months of scarves, slouchy hats, hot cocoa, and warm mittens is upon us. Do we mention our cozy house, crafted cocktails, and savory, warm-spiced dishes are here to help you through the cold months? Of course we do. We look forward to another great season with you.


Thank you, Spokane, for joining us at one of our tables.


Tuesday, April 3rd  

Foundations Meeting & a Spring Menu Launch Focus 
with Owner Scott McCandless 

Foundations. Sometimes even though the framework is there maybe the tones of voices heard within the walls lack recognition of what exactly was built and why.

We are closing our doors for this special occasion. Hopefully the soon to follow launch of spring’s menu will bring many fresh faces to our tables to share our new experience with. We have the best culinary team we could ask for and we are excited to continue our journey in an industry which has openly accepted us with honors. Every person who enters the front door of our house deserves to know that they are the reason this house stands and the service they receive will always show as a reflection of that fact. Every single dish on the menu is executed with the utmost precision, care and love.  All service staff can and will carry the voice and walk the talk which is priceless in this industry. There truly is magic in Clover’s people.   

Thank you for your kind understanding. We are all integral members of the Clover Family.