The Evening

Your time and hard-earned dime will not be wasted by the opportunities Clover has to offer. A well-crafted menu and drink pairing introduce you to our variety of life without killing your pocket-book.  Wonderful service staff reward your curiosity carrying you into our cozy bungalow! Elevating our guest experience are dazzling dishes, tasty drinks, and at times, our Chef, who can answer some tough culinary questions. From appetizer to dessert we partner to bring you a sensational night.

The Preparation

Wonderfully driven by our team. You can expect to join us and relax finding there is a simple pleasure in being served. Not only do we happily provide your evening with hospitality, but we also tailor-make the menu. This way you come in and have a seat with no decisions to be made other than who at your table you’ll spark up a conversation with. The tension of your night will be gone because you’re not worried about what will taste good with what. You also don’t have to lift a finger to clean up or get any dishes done!

That’s worth a night out.  

The Ease

The special thing about our kitchen is that these guys will go out of their way for our guests. Do you have an intolerance? A food allergy? The back of house staff will do what they can with what they must take care of you. You can call us ahead or ask your wait-person to discuss your options. In addition, we have a wraparound entry-way which leads to our hydro-lift out front, making it an all-access venue for those who get around on wheels. We delight in our ability to give you the experience you’re seeking when you take your time to get out in Spokane and support local business.


Finally, we do what we can for one another by way of partnering for these special events. Together we find creative ways to tailor your experience and support your occasion. This house offers so much opportunity since we love ideas and are excited to be a part of yours. Thank you for spending time at one of our tables.

Call anytime. 509.487.2937

If you haven’t met Scott, you are missing out!  We invite you to take one of his cooking classes to experience first hand, his unbridled passion for food, cooking, sharing, and eating healthy!   Thank you Adriana Jonavich and the Spokesman Review for a great article!  Super way to start off a Friday morning!  We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming soup classes!



Welcoming in the new year of 2016 we will be opening our doors once again on Mondays!
Start off your New Year with some thoughtful food, fine cocktails, and gracious hospitality! Come see us for a wonderful lunch, dinner or weekend brunch!