If you haven’t met Scott, you are missing out!  We invite you to take one of his cooking classes to experience first hand, his unbridled passion for food, cooking, sharing, and eating healthy!   Thank you Adriana Jonavich and the Spokesman Review for a great article!  Super way to start off a Friday morning!  We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming soup classes!




Welcoming in the new year of 2016 we will be opening our doors once again on Mondays!
Start off your New Year with some thoughtful food, fine cocktails, and gracious hospitality! Come see us for a wonderful lunch, dinner or weekend brunch!


A BIG THANKS to everyone who came out for our first sold-out BBQ class with Scott McCandless and Clover Chef, Travis Dickinson! Learning about rubs, sauces, and brines mixed with a little humor and a lot of passion made it one great night out for all! (Of course the fantastic BBQ samples, appetizers, wine, beer, and goodie bags are always a bonus!) We were honored to see a few familiar faces that attended previous classes and enjoyed seeing new ones! If you missed this one, don’t sweat it! Visit our event page to view a complete listing of our upcoming classes and events. Our next BBQ class is scheduled for Tuesday, June 9. We look forward to seeing you!

“…I really appreciated your enthusiasm and mission for helping us eat good and good-for-us food.  After tasting the difference in the two brined and un-brined meats, I will brine this weekend! …”