Tuesday, April 3rd  

Foundations Meeting & a Spring Menu Launch Focus 

with Owner Scott McCandless 

Foundations. Sometimes even though the framework is there maybe the tones of voices heard within the walls lack recognition of what exactly was built and why. Sometimes it’s as simple as a renewed sense of beginnings. With all the changes Clover has seen in the past year – a meeting has been called. Clover’s owner, Scott McCandless has thoughts to be heard and a vision – one of passion and care. This vision drove many followers into new concepts like opening bakeries and expanding to more restaurant’s, and it has the power to take Clover over the top.  

There are several reasons to get your people in the same room, all positive and powerful. It gives all voices an opportunity to be heard while presenting a collective platform for collaboration that needs to exist. Operations and the forces that drive them can often lose what’s important in translation. There are many who would believe that having a business owner involved in the menu process and flow of the daily restaurant grind uncomfortable. What may be lacking there is a relationship. Plain and simple. Who will advocate for that relationship if not the people involved. This is exactly why a meeting is necessary.  

We need to break free from the chains of yesterday’s thinking, yesterday’s trials, yesterday’s weight. Our gift is today and we need to bring our best into it. Scott McCandless has always been involved, has always cared very deeply and is very interested in hearing what anyone has to say about Clover. It is his baby. Dreamed up by the love and passion he and his wife, Liz, have for food. Together they have spent over 20 years cooking for their own family of eight children and now 13 grandchildren. As a result, they were encouraged to open a restaurant. Mr. McCandless being of health which does not afford him much time on his feet has been most fortunate to find a team of driven and skilled as well as capable and excelling culinary artists, who not only bring his ideas but also their own to LIFE! Every single dish on the menu is executed with the utmost precision, care and love.  

There aren’t many places that operate this way, with this kind of synergy. It is a beautiful and wondrous partnership for the Chef to work with the owner and for them to accomplish cohesion throughout. Our team at Clover has every right to be a close-knit family and having a relationship with the family that started it all. This meeting will be an excellent source of information for team members, a fresh start which will also give them the shoulder to shoulder time with the man behind Clover’s history.    

We are closing our doors for this special occasion. Hopefully the soon to follow launch of spring’s menu will bring many fresh faces to our tables to share our new experience with. We have the best culinary team we could ask for and we are excited to continue our journey in an industry which has openly accepted us with honors. Every person who enters the front door of our house deserves to know that they are the reason this house stands and the service they receive will always show as a reflection of that fact. All service staff can and will carry the voice and walk the talk which is priceless in this industry. There truly is magic in Clover’s people.   

Thank you for your kind understanding. We are all integral members of the Clover Family.