Hangman Valley FarmClover gets all its whole chickens and eggs from the Weber family at Hangman Valley Farm, just a few miles south of our restaurant near Hangman Creek. Their free-range chickens are perfect for Clover’s menu – free-range, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, all-natural, and happy. You can always tell when an egg comes from a healthy chicken if the texture is firm and the yolk is more orange than yellow – an indication the chicken has a varied, healthy diet rich in dark leafy greens (instead of primarily corn).

The Weber family (Tom, Debi, David, and Steven) located from Arizona and Wyoming to Spokane in 1999. They raise hormone-free, registered Hereford and Angus cattle and also provide direct, from-the-farm, organic produce and free-range poultry. They use sustainable farming techniques and put into action the belief that healthy, local food systems add to the character and overall well-being of the community.