21128_479939508695718_1906031968_nHere’s the secret to why many of our dishes (including our salad vinaigrettes) are so good – we use small-batch, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil from the Sciabica family in Modesto, California. The Sciabicas have been making olive oil in Modesto since 1925 and have won numerous awards for their products, including a nod as one of the “World’s Best Olive Oils” from the prestigious Cook’s Illustrated magazine. Their method of production is the same as the old family used to do it in Marsala, Italy – only updated with the most modern equipment. The Sciabica family never compromises, and we’re proud to share their commitment to quality here at Clover.

For more about the Sciabica line of olive oils, visit: http://www.sciabica.com/